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The Turkey Flat Vineyard boasts some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the world. Planted in 1847, these hard-working gnarled old vines are still producing fantastic grapes. They are dry grown with their roots extending metres into the soil in search of moisture.

Much of the credit for the best Shiraz made in the Barossa is due to old vines such as these. The fact that these vines still exist is largely due to a far-sighted quarantine scheme, in which South Australia was spared the phylloxera outbreak which devastated the vineyards of Europe, America and subsequently parts of Australia in the late 1800’s.

This shiraz is a result of a very intricate blending process. After each parcel of fruit is individually vinified & aged in specially selected French oak barrels, the final blend is created with careful consideration to upholding its reputation for cellaring gracefully, retaining its freshness and balance for many years.

The Turkey Flat Shiraz is a proud holder of a Barossa Trust Mark. The Barossa Trust Mark is a mark of aspirational standard set by the Barossa region. It provides you with a guarantee and assurance of quality.

It is founded on five value pillars:

Origin - our sense of place

Integrity - our sense of purpose

Quality - our sense of ambition

Environment - our sense of responsibility

Community - our sense of belonging

More information on the Barossa Trust Mark can be found here

1995 Vintage Tasting notes

Although we were disheartened with the low yields, which were less than half of our normal Shiraz crop, the dry conditions and frost led to smaller bunches and smaller berries which concentrated the fruit flavours.

During the 22 months in barrel it evolved from being tightly structured to a wine which has the colour, tannin and acid structure to age for as long as 20 years.

Reviews and Awards

Reviews for the 1995 Shiraz - 'Barossa Valley history in a bottle!'

WINE SPECTATOR – Jan 31, 1998

Vines planted in 1847 form the back-bone of this ripe and jazzy, full-throated roar of an Australian Shiraz that rides its raw power to a surprisingly soft landing. It’s a worthy discovery for its fresh plum, spice and berry flavours that gain momentum from a touch of smoky oak on the finish. Best from 2000. 3,000 cases made. Rating: 93 Points

THE AGE – June 3rd, 1997

Barossa Valley History in a bottle! The Shiraz Vines are 150 years old and the vineyard has been in the Schulz family since the 1870s. That core of low-yielding, ancient vines imparts rare concentration, class and complexity. Deep and dark, it has lovely blackberry, plum, spice and mocha notes on the nose and the palate is a seamless progression of flavour and texture. Tight berry fruit, liquorice, chocolatey richness, and vanilla notes are all in gorgeous balance. Rating: 18.5/20. Aging: 5-10 years. Best with: Slow pot-roasted beef ribs; oxtail casserole.

THE ADVERTISER by Philip White – Food & Wine July 16, 1997

There's no way of proving that the ancient Turkey Flat vines were never replanted after the vineyard was established in 1847; but one thing's certain: no living Barossan can recall any such intervention and nobody has stood up to refute Peter Schulz's claim that they're original. Whatever the fact, they’re undoubtedly some of the oldest bearing Shiraz vines in the world. And the wine is their precious essence; intense and packed with flavour waiting to explode, yet still showing all that polite Barossa softness. Rating: 86 Points


Comes from 145-year-old grapevines in one of Australia’s prime winegrowing districts. A ripe Shiraz packed with flavour. Highly recommended. Rating: 93 Points

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