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The Barossa Valley has the perfect climate and ideal grape varieties to produce Rosé. It is a wine style that should be enjoyed fresh and chilled.

Having been amongst the first to lead the great Rosé revival, it has been interesting to watch the popularity of this wine style grow.

Bucking the notion that Rosé is an afterthought, our 'Prince of Pink' has a special place in our hearts & is crafted with a clear purpose.

Sourced from specific sites achieving perfect yields promoting prominent primary fruit while retaining appealing palate cleansing crispness.

Enjoy with: Friends, under a tree on a hot, summer's day. Not summer? Just turn up the heat & serve with Asian or Spanish inspired spicy or seafood dishes. Best served chilled.

2008 Vintage Tasting notes

The 2008 Rosé is, as in previous years, a complex blend of Grenache, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dolcetto. Each of these varieties adds its own individual characteristic to the wine.

The colour is rose petal pink with a panoply of red fruit flavours such as strawberries, cherries and leafy red and black currants. Fresh and vibrant with a crisp finish the fruit characters linger; tapered out with subtle tannins giving the wine enough body to complete this serious rose.

Reviews and Awards

Reviews for the 2008 Rose - lingering sophistication


Bright fuschia; as elegant as always, made by a team that has developed great expertise with the style; offers an array of gently sweet red fruits on the mid-palate, then a balanced dry finish. Rating: 94 Points.

ASW RETAIL HONG KONG PR, Summer Sipping - 24/7/2009

Rose sales are booming around the world with greatest growth in English-speaking markets. Last year Rose sales increased by 4 percent of all wine shipped to Hong Kong. This suggests that there is great potential for the growth in sales of rose wines. Turkey Flat Rose 2008 from Australia’s Barossa Valley, a blend of Grenache, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dolcetto, has been a leader in this growing Hong Kong market. This unique blend is available at Watsons Wine Cellar ph 2606-8828

100 BEST AUSTRALIAN WINES 2009 - Matthew Jukes, 2009

This is very much the d'Artagnan of the bunch in this year's four musketeer roses. With a misleading colour, there is much more power and depth to the palate than might at first appear. This is a really intriguing wine. Spice and perfume makes Turkey Flat disconcertingly pretty too, and it packs a punch that could easily take on a menacing steak sandwich.

THE ADELAIDE REVIEW - Nick Stock, February 2009

Turkey Flat has installed itself among the Barossa's top-flight group of rose makers and has developed a loyal following that stretches far and wide. They drink it in Gouger St, St.Kilda, Bondi, Brisbane and beyond. It's a populist style with quality packaging, the clear custom bottle letting the bright pink juice beam from within. It's made from a number of varieties, just over half grenache, the rest shared between shiraz, cabernet and dolcetto. Fragrant and sweet smelling, almost Muscat-like, the collection of grapes used brings all manner of berries into play. The palate's well crafted with just enough sweetness at play. Rating: 90 points.

TASTE FOOD AND WINE 2009 – Matthew Jukes & Tyson Stelzer

You may not have noticed it but this wine has become more and more grown up in recent years and the reason for this is that Turkey Flat Rose has progressively decreased in sweetness by half over the last four years. This makes it a fresh, tight, clean style with lifted rose petal aromatics and a beautifully lively palate. It has great balance and it’s much classier than it used to be.

WBM 100 - November 2008

One of the country's best roses just got even classier. It has progressively decreased in sweetness by half over the last four years, making it a fresh, tight, clean wine with lifted rose petal aromatics and a lively palate. Also one of the most impressively packaged on the shelf! Rating: 93 Points

THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD - Huon Hooke's pick November 25th, 2008

An eclectic blend of Grenache with Shiraz, Cabernet, and Dolcetto. There are some herbal, stalky, cabernet-like aromas, while the palate is smooth and silky-soft with lots of fruit flavour, a little sweetness and a lick of tannin that helps dry off the finish. Serve chilled. 90/100 Food: Antipasto

TASTE FOOD AND WINE 2008- The Best Wines of 2009 - Matthew Jukes and Tyson Stelzer

"This wine has become more and more grown up in recent years and the reason for this is that it has progressively decreased in sweetness by half. This makes it a fresh, tight, clean style with lifted rose petal aromatics".


This combination of four varieties - grenache, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and dolcetto - has led to very pretty mid-pink tones with a fresh white cherry fruit feel in its aromatics followed by its distinctive house - style dry, savoury line in its flavour spectrum. Lingering sophistication. 93 points

MY SHOUT with Glen Humphries, January 2008

A few weeks ago I took to the task of mentioning the wine maker Turkey Flat and their excellent Rosè as many times in one coloumn as I could get away with. To my surprise , it seems the people at Turkey Flat read the Mercury and it is a surprise, given that the vineyard is in the Barossa Valley. Not only that, they took pity on my whining and sent me some of their Rosè. Which, of course, means they are truly excellent people. I'd found their Rosè by chance during a drive through the Barossa Valley with a mate. He was driving, so I made sure I "tasted" as much wine as possible. I'd never tasted a Rosè before, nor had I even heard of the variety before we walked into Turkey Flat cellar door. I tried some, because it was alcohol and it was free. A few minutes later, I left with a bottle of what has since become one of my favourite wines.

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