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The Barossa Valley has the perfect climate and ideal grape varieties to produce Rosé. It is a wine style that should be enjoyed fresh and chilled.

Having been amongst the first to lead the great Rosé revival, it has been interesting to watch the popularity of this wine style grow.

Bucking the notion that Rosé is an afterthought, our 'Prince of Pink' has a special place in our hearts & is crafted with a clear purpose.

Sourced from specific sites achieving perfect yields promoting prominent primary fruit while retaining appealing palate cleansing crispness.

Enjoy with: Friends, under a tree on a hot, summer's day. Not summer? Just turn up the heat & serve with Asian or Spanish inspired spicy or seafood dishes. Best served chilled.

2003 Vintage Tasting notes

The 2003 Rosé is a blend of Grenache, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dolcetto. Each of these varieties adds its own character to make this our most complex Rosé yet. The colour is rose petal pink with a panoply of red fruit flavours such as red cherries, freshly cut strawberries and red currants, with herbal notes, fresh acidity and an ever so slight 'spritz' on the palate from naturally retained CO2.

This is the first vintage of this wine to be bottled with a screw cap closure.

Reviews and Awards

2003 Rose - great with spaghetti vongole

AUSTRALIAN GOURMET TRAVELLER - Peter Bourne, November 2003

Grenache, Shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and Dolcetto were blended by Peter Schulz to give a twist to his 2003 rosé. Sweet raspberry and violet aromas abound, and the wine's soft, generously fruity palate is restrained by a crisp acid finish. Drink it, well chilled, while it's young and fresh. It's great with spaghetti vongole.

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