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The Barossa Valley has the perfect climate and ideal grape varieties to produce Rosé. It is a wine style that should be enjoyed fresh and chilled.

Having been amongst the first to lead the great Rosé revival, it has been interesting to watch the popularity of this wine style grow.

Bucking the notion that Rosé is an afterthought, our 'Prince of Pink' has a special place in our hearts & is crafted with a clear purpose.

Sourced from specific sites achieving perfect yields promoting prominent primary fruit while retaining appealing palate cleansing crispness.

Enjoy with: Friends, under a tree on a hot, summer's day. Not summer? Just turn up the heat & serve with Asian or Spanish inspired spicy or seafood dishes. Best served chilled.

2000 Vintage Tasting notes

Rosé has enjoyed a comeback in Australia, with people from all over Australia enjoying this fantastic style of wine, which can be enjoyed with such a large variety of foods.

Although converting wine consumers to this style of wine has been effortless the Australian wine industry has taken a little longer to persuade. With six vintages of Rosé under our belt and being amongst the handful of wineries which produced a Rosé a few years ago, it is great to see other wineries now following in our footsteps.

The 2000 Rosé as with previous vintages is a blend of free-run Grenache, with smaller quantities of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon added to the final blend to provide this wine with necessary backbone and structure.

The result is a wine, which is vibrantly fresh with spice, red cherry and raspberry aromas and flavours.

Reviews and Awards

Reviews for the 2000 Rose - a wonderful celebration of the harvest

THE SUNDAY LIFE MAGAZINE – 28th January, 2001

This is a Barossa Grenache, Shiraz-Cabernet blend that is a bit deeper and fuller than most rosés, yet only 11 per cent alcohol. It has a fruity nose of red berries and plums, and it tastes fruit-sweet and soft.

THE AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINE – Max Allen May 27-28, 2000

"It's the colour that grabs you first. Stunningly bold, deep magenta glow…absolutely crammed with thrillingly berry fruit flavour – raspberries, cherries, strawberries really fill the mouth with juicy freshness. A wonderful celebration of the harvest and a delicious drink."


Made from Grenache, Shiraz, and Cabernet, this has a hot purple-pink colour and a confection-like aroma recalling caramel and chocolate over raspberries. It’s soft, light and very fruity, finishing with considerable sweetness, so we recommend a thorough chill. Rating: 3 stars. Food: Devils on horseback. Ageing: Best young drink by 2002

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