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The Barossa Valley has the perfect climate and ideal grape varieties to produce Rosé. It is a wine style that should be enjoyed fresh and chilled.

Having been amongst the first to lead the great Rosé revival, it has been interesting to watch the popularity of this wine style grow.

Bucking the notion that Rosé is an afterthought, our 'Prince of Pink' has a special place in our hearts & is crafted with a clear purpose.

Sourced from specific sites achieving perfect yields promoting prominent primary fruit while retaining appealing palate cleansing crispness.

Enjoy with: Friends, under a tree on a hot, summer's day. Not summer? Just turn up the heat & serve with Asian or Spanish inspired spicy or seafood dishes. Best served chilled.

1994 Vintage Tasting notes

A new edition to our range, the 1994 Rosé is an exciting, fun wine well suited to summer entertaining.

This first Turkey Flat Rosé was made at Charles Melton Wines. All of the grapes were harvested on the same day even though the Cabernet Sauvignon component was under ripe. It was here we discovered the advantage of using low Baume Cabernet Sauvignon to provide a natural acid addition to the wine.

This resulted in a wine with terrific natural acid giving it mouth feel and mature fruit flavour. We defy you to stop at just one bottle when you have friends around for that Sunday antipasto lunch on the courtyard.

Good pink wines are light crisp and fresh. This one may be described as an operetta wine but it is a first class operetta. We have used Grenache, Shiraz, and Cabernet to make a wine which gives pleasure in a light hearted, undemanding way. Pink wines are always served chilled.

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