Large bottle 2016 quinquina

Quinquina (kɛ̃kina)

With an idea of consuming an aromatised white over summer we began to explore our possibilities. Deliberately, we steered away from an extended skin contact, oxidative approach. After tasting through leading vermouths and aperitifs, we were taken by the lifted aromatics and layered interest of Lillet Blanc and Cocchi Americano.

There began our path of aromatic infusion.

After infusing just about everything we could find from berries, fruits, hard spices, tea, fresh and dried herbs, flowers, nuts and seeds we decided on a fresher and more distinct aromatic profile.

Our chosen aromats were - fresh and preserved orange rind, dried lychee, blackberry, lemongrass, safflower and green tea.

2017 Vintage Tasting notes

This year's offering has been dialled up to 11.

Intense citrus with floral notes and a delicious, bitter kick to the finish.

Suited to the starring role in a cocktail - try the QQ150: 2 parts Quinquina muddled with fresh lime & a touch of brown sugar, topped with Capi's Cranberry soda - or use as a substitution to Lillet Blanc in Bond’s famous “Vesper Martini”

Download: Tasting notes and info pack.

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2017 Sold out.
2016 Sold out.
1st release Sold out.
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