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Turkey Flat has more than 25 years experience in making Grenache. This older variety for South Australia has a natural home in the Barossa, although respect for the variety as a maker of fine wine has only recently been achieved. It has been an important part of the Turkey Flat range since 1992.

Mark Bulman has made Grenache his signature varietal after taking over full control of winemaking at Turkey Flat in 2010. Under his direction this remains respectful to our past tradition of making Grenache into a fine wine, while moving seamlessly into a more refined, contemporary style.

1994 Vintage Tasting notes

The new release 1994 Grenache Noir is expected to follow the success of the two previous vintages. We have chosen to use the correct nomenclature to distinguish this widely grown Mediterranean red grape variety from its white cousin Grenache Blanc and we expect you will be stunned by the dark colour and firm tannin in the new release, which will complement any food from the Mediterranean cuisines.

This vintage was made at Rockford Winery using the ancient Bagshaw Crusher and Basket Press. This is still the Grenache by which all others are judged!! We are very proud of this soft, drinkable red with its perfumed nose and coffee-licorice-plum palate. The very old yielding vines, gravelly soil, and maturation in oak are the ingredients needed to produce a full bodied style such as this. The first release 1992 Grenache was sold out by April 1993 and the 1993 which was described by The Advertiser’s Philip White as a “slippery, seductive miracle – a major work’ was sold out within three months.

Turkey Flat Grenache Noir is a food wine, ideally suited to full flavoured dishes of all kinds.

Release history

Vintage Format
2018 750ml bottle $40.00
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1.5L magnum $110.00 Currently Unavailable
2017 Sold out.
2016 Sold out.
2015 Sold out.
2014 Sold out.
2013 Sold out.
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2012 Sold out.
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2011 Sold out.
2010 Sold out.
2009 Sold out.
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1994 Sold out.
1993 Sold out.
1992 Sold out.
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