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I visited Turkey Flat in October and tasted and toured with Christie and Alex Schulz and winemaker Mark Bulman. It was an eye-opening experience.

2016 Turkey Flat Barossa Valley White - I know this wine well, but it was nice to taste it again. Made from 38% Marsanne, 33% Roussanne and 29% Viognier it shows a further finessing of this tri-varietal marriage and it is even a step up on the ravishing 2015 given it is a little more tense and vital. Crunchy and clean and not too scented this is a nicely polished wine and it's a bargain price to boot. 17.5/20

2017 Turkey Flat Rosé - TF has continued its quest to raise the game on this Grenache Rosé and there must be a super-cuvée on the horizon given the texture and vibrancy shown in this young wine. Fine and succulent this is a failsafe wine with Euro-dimensions coupled with TF-flair. 17.5/20

2016 Turkey Flat Butchers Block Red - A blend of 49% Shiraz, 38% Grenache and 13% Mataro this carries on the good work of the 2015, itself a current 100 Best Australian Wine for 2017/18. When the vintage changes in the UK, in the New Year, we can relax because this is an elegant and already perfectly balanced wine with succulence and breeding. 18/20

2016 Turkey Flat Butchers Block Shiraz - A new wine in the line-up. How lovely to see a refreshing, bright Shiraz, glowing with fruit, crunch and momentum. The winemaking at TF has taken a definite move towards freshness, definition and fruit integrity, so it is the perfect time to launch this delicious wine. 18/20

2016 Turkey Flat Grenache - This is a landmark wine for this estate. As I was tasting I noticed an 'auditor' going through the office files. This only happens when you are in the running for a gong. When I hot the tasting bench it was patently clear that this was the wine under scrutiny. with 20% whole bunch, no new oak and epic perfume, this is the epitome of New Australia. This doesn't mean the Australia which has been 'new' for two decades, and which people still seem determined to announce (patronisingly) is a newly discovered phenomenon, but brand new 'today & tomorrow' Australia. This is stunningly balanced, easily the finest red ever from this estate and a wine which not only sounds the trumpet for Grenache, Turkey Flat, Barossa and South Australia, but also for world-class vinous excellence and everyone who appreciates great wine. 19/10

(Later that week this wine won the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy for the best young red wine in Australia. I could have ordered a palate at the winery that day, but only a few days later it was reduced to one bottle allocations! Well done TF)

2015 Turkey Flat Shiraz - A little looser than the Grenache and also a little quiet in the middle this is a wine that is tense right now, but Mark said that it will age well as he has 'freshened' this wine considerably in this vintage.  I look forward to following its progress. 17.5/20

I was then invited to taste from barrel and it is clear, across all grape varieties, that something very exciting is happening at Turkey Flat.

-Matthew Jukes. December 2017

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