2017 Rosé - quality rosé from the get go.

Surprised to see this hit the WF pages so late in the season, and, shock horror, a $1 increase on RRP! That buck is likely going into the ‘proper’ winemaking going on in this wine, or at least, the elevation in quality, and decrease in reliance on sugar. I read somewhere that this is the driest version of TF Rose yet. Might be hearsay, but it’s in print now right here. Anyway, a good yardstick in bottle shops from here to Kingdom Come.

Deeelicious. Easy drink. Dry as a autumn leaves. Prickles of spice amongst crisp, red berry fruitiness. A nice chalky edge to fine tannins. Good length. Squirt of grapefruity freshness to close and keep the mouthwatering. There’s so much to like here. No brainer. Quality rose from the get go.

Mike Bennie

The Wine Front

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